Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms

    1. A booking is confirmed when we have received a fully completed, signed Booking Form and payment for the hire period.
    2. Hire charges are as quoted at the time of booking. Hire charges for long periods [eg. 2 months or more] are subject to change. Any changes would be subject to a months notice.
    3. An invoice will be sent to you on booking the studio. Regular weekly bookings will be automatically renewed unless we are notified of cancellation at least 4 weeks in advance.
    4. All bookings must be paid in advance by card or BACS transfer.
    5. This is our cancellation policy:
      • Any cancellation must be in written / email form.
      • Confirmed bookings with cancellation received more than 4 weeks in advance of the date of hire – 50% of total hire
      • Confirmed bookings with cancellation received within 4 weeks of the date of hire – 100% of total charge
    6. We reserve the right to cancel a booking [or any part of it] without notice. In these circumstances, you will be entitled to a refund of the hire cost only.
    7. The space is hired as is. We cannot give any guarantee that the space and facilities are fit or suitable for your purposes.
    8. This agreement is solely for the client named on the Booking Form and is not transferable.
    9. You agree that the studio will only be used for the purposes declared on your booking form.


    1. London Rehearsal Space accepts no liability for any loss or damage to the client or any user connected directly or indirectly to the client.
    2. Any loss or damage caused to the building, the facilities or their contents by you or any person connected with you directly or indirectly, is your full responsibility. Any costs incurred to London Rehearsal Space as a consequence of such loss or damage will be charged in full to you and we have taken your credit card details with your full permission to secure this.
    3. You agree to indemnify London Rehearsal Space in respect of any loss or damage in respect of any claim made by a third party arising from any act or omission by you or any user connected to you.
    4. You agree to look after the studio and prevent any damage occurring. As the person responsible for the hire of the studio, you agree to supervise all users of the studio, the facilities and the building, directly or indirectly connected to you.
    5. Hirers do not have permission to use any equipment in the studio apart from the sound system and mats. Use of any sports or pole equipment must be agreed with London Rehearsal Space prior to your booking.
    6. When using the studio for any activity, you agree to check that all equipment used is secure and safe for such activity.
    7. In particular if using poles for pole dancing, as they are removable, there is a risk of them coming down. London Rehearsal Space takes no responsibility for any accident occurring as a result of you hiring the poles, directly or indirectly. For the avoidance of all doubt, all pole dancing is at your own risk and the individual risk of those practicing with you and we accept no liability for any injury that may be incurred. For the avoidance of doubt this includes any injury from specific routines and moves or by any mishap of any kind or fault in the equipment or its set up. Whilst London Rehearsal Space take all reasonable care, pole dancing, like other sports, carries a risk of serious injury. It is your responsibility to inform every person using pole equipment whilst you are hiring the studio of this disclaimer.
    8. For the avoidance of doubt the client signs this agreement on behalf of himself/herself and all his/her guests/fellow users. The client confirms that he/she has informed all his/her guests/fellow users of the terms of this agreement, that they have consented to the terms and conditions of this agreement and that he/she is authorized to sign this agreement on their behalf.
    9. For the avoidance of doubt when any of the users/guests are under 18 years old the client confirms that he/she has informed the relevant parent/guardian that they have consented to the terms and conditions of this agreement and that he/she is authorized to sign this agreement on their behalf.
    10. For the avoidance of doubt, the client is solely responsible for any liability, injury, personal claims, litigation or any other matter resulting from the hire of the premises on behalf of himself/herself and fellow users/guests and indemnifies London Rehearsal Space from any such costs.

Health and Safety

    1. The building is no smoking throughout.
    2. You agree to comply with all safety regulations connected with the permitted use of the building including fire regulations, health and safety regulations, performing rights regulations and licensing and gaming laws. You can not use the facilities for any illegal or immoral purpose.
    3. You agree to familiarize yourself and any person connected to you with the fire emergency procedures.


  1. Permission must be granted in writing if London Rehearsal Space is to be used in any marketing or promotional material.
  2. You agree not to do anything which harms London Rehearsal Space or its reputation.
  3. You agree to leave the studio and the building in a clean and tidy condition. If any furniture, equipment, plants or ornaments have been moved, these must be put back as you found them and any rubbish or mess cleaned up.
  4. You agree to treat all equipment and furniture with use of the facilities with care. In the case of breakage, you will be charged with the replacement cost.
  5. You cannot film, videotape, televise or publish any event in the studio or the building without our prior written consent. If consent is given an additional charge may be applicable.
  6. No food may be brought into the studio.
  7. No animals can be brought into the studio other than guide dogs for the blind or hard of hearing.
  8. Please do not leave any possessions behind. Any items left may be removed by us.
  9. This agreement is a mere license and grants use of our facilities at the specified times and dates. It does not create a relationship of landlord and tenant.
  10. This agreement shall be construed and governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership of any kind between London Rehearsal Space and the client

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